Gareth Pugh fixated on purity. Mineralize Charged Water Face & Body Lotion was applied to skin leaving fresh faces with only a hint of Pink Pearl Pop Lipstick applied to the cheeks to give a flushed effect. Mineralize Charged Water Cleanser buffed away hard edges on the face. Strobe Liquid applied over the forehead highlighted and enhanced the face. The eyes gave a nice sheen with MAC Pro Shine and lashes bare to stick to the theme. A tiny bit of Vanilla Pigment was used to enhance the face, and to top it off the lips were hydrated.

Alexis Mabille’s went for a fresh look. Face and Body foundation provided us with a natural finish while using MAC Pro Concealer to correct and perfect. Groundwork Pro Longwear Paint Pot contoured the cheekbones. To make the eyes look natural a Cream Color Base was smeared to even stain the skin emphasizing the natural tone. We received a sneak peak at the Nude Technakohl Pencil, which brightens the eyes. To delicately tint the lashes, Haute & Naughty Too Black Lash Mascara was lightly applied.

Damir Doma had his models walk the runway with an unblemished face; from the Face and Body foundation to the concealer. To focus on the cheekbones, a Pearl Cream Colour Base was applied and gave a nice highlight. A Brown Eye Shadow defined and thickened the brows creating texture. Studio Finish Concealer was placed on the lips to mute and give a natural tone. With the fresh faced theme being a big part of Paris Fashion week, we really saw that it’s possible to wake up looking flawless.

By Tatyana Soto for Clarissa International Media Group

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