While the silhouettes were typical, the ensembles themselves were anything but. Some may even argue that one couldn’t look too long without feeling a little dizzy, yet the pieces, so intricate and beautiful with their mixed patterns and usage of color, begged to be admired.

Pop art inspired floral prints danced in bright orange on feminine floor length, and calf length, dresses and wrap skirts. Exquisitely tailored jackets were worn with dark hued pleated trousers and sheer caftan style tops that featured the aforementioned metallic floral and bold stripes. In a perfect mix of pieces for fall, pantsuits and heavy jackets were featured in wool and leather and complimented the usage of lighter fabrics such as sheers and satins, worn underneath for flawless layering. The palette of rich jewel tones played well with the darker pieces and made it a little easier on the eyes when the show turned to hypnotizing patchwork on coats and sweaters.

Overall, a fun, psychedelic play on fashion.