Located in Ostra, Czech Republic they start from the seed to assembly. Positioned on 74 acres everything is cultivated on site; herbs, fruits and vegetables grown from kernel until they are ready to be picked. Because of this special process it allows Botanicus to be certified Kez and certified Bio; they are in control of their organic farming, growth, plant and seed sourcing.

Next to their gardens are production facilities so everything is processed immediately in order to give you the freshest goods. Botanicus provides an entire Skincare line that includes Body Care, Bath, Soaps, Hair Care, Candles and Essential Oils. They have kept every person in mind when they provide for all skin types. In 2013 Botanicus opened a United States store in Portland Oregon. Keeping with non traditional standards, Botanicus really does take pride in being organic.

By Tatyana Soto for Clarissa International Media Group

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