Thankfully, Andis has come to the rescue with a line of skin care to help battle irritation. With a rich heritage that dates back to the early 1920s, Andis has paved the way for grooming, heat styling tools, and modern day hair clippers. With decades of knowledge in skin care and grooming, Andis has created Bump Care to help heal, reduce, and prevent razor bumps. One of their newest products, Sensitive Skin Bump Care Wipes, is mess free and easy to use. One wipe and skin feels instantly moisturized and calm, leaving it with a fresh scent and a soothing sensation. With ingredients such as tea tree leaf oil to help control the symptoms of acne, a gentle amount of SDA alcohol 40B to kill bacteria and reduce oiliness, and willow leaf extract to treat inflammation, it is packed with healing agents for even the most sensitive skin. When used twice a day, Bump Care is not only effective, but for around $10 for 4 oz., it is also affordable.

So help heal your skin, win back your confidence, and prevent future damage and frustration from shaving with Andis Bump Care. The only thing you have to lose are the bumps.

For more information on Bump Care and where you can get it, check out their website at

Frederick Hill for Clarissa International Media Group
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