Me-Ality has created a “Size-Matching Station” that provides the complimentary service of assisting shoppers in finding denim that fits his or her unique body. With a glamorous spherical station that resembles something out of a sci-fi movie, shoppers first fill in some brief registration information and then step barefoot into the machine for a full body scan that collects over 200,000 points of reference from the moisture of a person’s skin in 10 seconds. Shoppers are then able to refine their results and try on clothing pieces from more than 150 brands that range from 7 Jeans and Rag & Bone to Levi’s and Lucky Brand. The results can also provide recommendations for shirts and outerwear. In some stores that Me-Ality has partnered with like Bloomingdale’s, assistants are on hand to provide more clothing recommendations based on your results.

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