RW: What’s new this season on Army Wives?

JJ: A lot is new! We have a lot of new characters! And of course more drama! Looking forward to an exciting season!

RW: Who are your favorite designers and why?

JJ: I like a variety of designers so I can’t say I have a favorite…at least not yet.

RW:You seem to have very different looks to you, do you enjoy fashion and shopping?

JJ: I do enjoy buying clothes that look good on me, who doesn’t?

RW:What are your fashion influences and why?

JJ: I’m pretty open minded. If I see something that I think might work for me I will try it.

RW: Are you excited about your hit Sundance film Filly Brown coming out finally this spring?

JJ: Of course, it has been a long wait! It was a pleasure to be a part of and am excited to see how the audience responds to it!

RW:Tell us about your new movie Mission Park.

JJ: It’s about 4 childhood friends who are torn apart over time by their ambitions. Their choices ultimately bring them back together but on different sides of the law.

RW:Trench coat or peacoat and why?

JJ: Peacoat, because I like the fit better and in my opinion it’s more classy.