Under-Liner: Wearing under-liner was big in 2011, but in 2012 we’re revamping this style. Instead of simply lining the under eye, try extending the line to the end of the eyebrow. Also, stars like Rihanna have been using unexpected colors, like pink, green, yellow, and gold to take this look to the next level. Layering this with under eye shadow can also be a fun way to dramatize this look and create a unique twist. It’s all about being retro with this trend.

Bold Lips: In 2011 it was orange, but this year the classic red look is back, not that it really ever went away, but you might not recognize the shade it has resurrected in: ox-blood. Stars have been using this vampire like color, as well as wine colored, blood colored, and even burgundy inspired lipsticks to dramatize their lips this winter. Try using clear lip-stain to add extra contour and get the “Rosie Huntington-Wheatley” pout.

Bright Eyes: Colors like bright cobalt blue, gold, mint green, and purple have appeared on the eye lids of our favorite starlets making it clear, this year is not about playing it safe. Experiment with bright colors, even using it as an under eye-liner for an extra burst of color. Just make sure the outfit stays put together by using the more classic brown and black mascara. (We hear colored mascara is making a comeback though…)

Cheeks: In winter it is inevitable to have cheeks that are a little reddened from the cold, and this year rather than fight- we’re embracing it. (About time!) Use bronzer to add a bit of contour to the face, using it in vertical swipes starting at the temple and moving down towards the cheekbone and also on the sides of your nose, and pair this with a bright pink blush right on the apples of your cheeks, using more than you might normally. Keep the rest of your look simple for a sure fire way to stand out in a crowd.