1. Hollywood Fashion Tape – The most versatile fashion fix-it you’ll ever find. Hollywood’s double sided fashion tape is the secret of top stylists and everyday women alike and can fix nearly any wardrobe problem you encounter. The clear 3M adhesive holds on strong and won’t leave residue or damage even the most delicate fabrics. www.HollywoodFashionSecrets.com

2. Hollywood Fashionista Flats – Just when you think the shoes can finally come off after a long night on your feet… you remember where you parked your car. Hollywood’s Fashionista Flats come in a tiny pouch and unfold into a pair of super cute ballet flats. The clutch sized bag also converts into a small tote to make carrying your heels easy and convenient. www.HollywoodFashionSecrets.com

3. Hollywood Extras – Need a little help filling out that fabulous top? Hollywood Extras will give you the lift and extra cup size you need to make your clothes look even better. They sit perfectly in any bra and deliver a more flattering shape to your chest, regardless of your original size. www.HollywoodFashionSecrets.com

4. Foot Petals – With the help of Foot Petals, you can now wear those glamorous 4 inch pumps for more than 20 minutes! They offer a variety of shapes and colors to cushion and match every part of your shoe. They’ve thought of everything from strap cushions to non-slip grips for the bottom of your shoe. www.FootPetals.com

5. My Skins Bras and Panties – MySkins.com has perfected a staple item in every woman’s wardrobe; nude bras and panties. They ingeniously designed their multiple bra and panty styles in 20 different skin shades that blend with virtually any skin tone. Request a free color card at MySkins.com to find your perfect match. www.MySkins.com

6. Spanx – A secret weapon for your wardrobe that has passed the test of time. Slip into any of their body shaping products and instantly get rid of bumps and bulges. Even under the tightest unforgiving fabrics, Spanx remains undetectable leaving you with a slim and sexy silhouette. www.Spanx.com