1. A different part
Parting hair in a place that’s different from where you normally wear it is an easy way to create a whole new look without having to spend a dime at the salon, and it’s an easy way to add volume and lift to your current style. Try parting it on the opposite side from usual or create a zigzag part for volume at the root and a fun look.

2. Drink more water
A tall glass of cold water isn’t always appealing in cool weather but is very important for glowing skin. Maintain much-needed hydration by drinking eight glasses a day. As a bonus, eating fresh fruits and veggies can help add extra fluid to your body and makes staying hydrated a lot less boring.

3. Get your shine on

After a winter of cold, dry weather outside and warm, dry temperatures inside, your hair needs a bit of TLC. Repair your hair with weekly deep conditioning treatments you can get from beauty stores, or for more serious help, a good salon can offer treatments to bring back your hair’s shine and body.

4. A new hue
Make a subtle switch in your hair color to brighten up your skin tone for spring. Have a hair stylist add in very fine highlights around your face for an overall brightening, or go all over with a luscious red or chestnut brown. New hair color is a great way to boost your spirits after a long winter. Just remember not to change your hair color more than two shades darker or lighter than its current shade without professional assistance.

5. Kissable lips

Nothing says springtime more than a gorgeous shade of pink. With the vast array of pink lip color shades out there you can always find one to flatter your skin tone. If you have fair skin, opt for a pink lip color with cool undertones while olive or medium skin tones should stick with rich, warm peachy-pink colors. Darker skin tones should also use a shade with warm undertones but can range anywhere from a pale pink to a bright magenta depending on the exact shade of your skin. The darker your skin tone, the more pigment you can wear.

6. Hands free

Our hands are exposed to the sun just as much as our faces but are often overlooked when it comes to a good beauty routine. As we age, our hands can also develop age spots and wrinkles. Fight the aging process and keep hands feeling comfortable by slathering on a rich hand cream with SPF for sun protection.

7. Pony up
A ponytail is the easiest way to go from bad hair day to polished, or turn a daytime look into a chic and classic nighttime style in no time. Hide your elastic with a strand of your own hair wrapped around it and secured underneath with a bobby pin.