RUNWAY’s CFO, Jay Falz from the United States and its European representatives has interacted with some of the leading brands in the Street and Urbanwear sector. With its unique trademark, RUNWAY has positioned itself as one of the most recognized brands in the fashion industry featuring Haute Couture and Ready to Wear luxury and premium brands. At the BREAD and BUTTER tradeshow the US-based high-end fashion magazine has been exploring its opportunities to grow internationally with great ambitions.

The BREAD & BUTTER show and its exhibitors have proven that the fashion industry has grown more powerful despite the recent challenging economical times. RUNWAY is joining the efforts and takes this challenge to build its brand internationally.

Jay Falz: ‘The tradeshow was absolutely fabulous! I am thrilled to feel this atmosphere of creativity, energy and passion here in Berlin. With RUNWAY we are going to cooperate with adequate national and international partners to strengthen our brand and fashion platform. Experiencing the spirit of the BREAD and BUTTER tradeshow here in Berlin was an important step to move forward.’

The upcoming BREAD and BUTTER tradeshow in Berlin will take place from July, 6th – 8th 2011. RUNWAY is going to continue its worldwide expansion efforts and explores more cooperation opportunities with fashion brands, media, event partners and celebrities.