By Susan DiStaulo

I received the most wonderful beauty product ever for Christmas: A Clarisonic. This battery operated apparatus does for one’s complexion that the Sonic Care toothbrush does for teeth. In fact, it is made by the same company. I love this slim, small, machine. It cleans my face and prepares it for all the anti aging serums I love so much. Currently, my skincare specialist has me on the Sonya Dakar Ultra Luxe system. I team this system up with my Clarisonic and I am in good stead. This Clarisonic has me enslaved. I cannot live without it, and do not know how I have managed to go this far in life without one. It comes with three different bristle heads, and cleans out those facial pores like it was spring cleaning. I am willing to swear on the proverbial stack of bibles that after using this for one month, I look ten years younger. What exactly is a CLARISONIC? According to their site: Clarisonic is the sonic technology proven to gently yet effectively loosen dirt and oil to clear your pores. The Clarisonic Skin Care Brush uses a patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to clean, soften and smooth your skin. In just 60 seconds a day, the Clarisonic micro-massage action cleans more than twice as effectively as manual cleansing. Geeze, I just love this gadget. In continuation of the quest for clear, flawless, perfect skin, I asked around to find out what others use. Mary Lynn, in Memphis, swears by Ponds cold cream, Cetaphil cleanser with a Clarisonic and follows this regimine with retinol. Judy, in Trenton, New Jersey, loves organic products like Caudalie. ” i love the way their stuff smells, and I love how soft it leaves my skin.” Beth, in Michigan, loves La Mer moisturizer after using Ivory Soap and water. And Katie, in Virginia, loves Merle Norman facial products. Her friend Samantha, In Washington DC, loves Dior’s Lor d’vie. Using the products correctly are of vital importance in allowing for maximum benefits. Over doing lotions, potions, serums and toners can do more harm than good. Eyes become puffy from too much eye cream, skin gets dry and flaky from too much toner, and breakouts occur from rising thoroughly. Facial Masks, too, have a catch 22. “I loved my exfoliating mask SO much, i began too use it daily!” One of my staff confessed. “well, after a week, my face was dry, raw, and cracking!” i had to use soothing cream, Sonya Dakar’s cream for irritated skin helped immensely. I concurred with her, as I too had a microdermabrasion once that backfired. The Dakar cream for irritated skin did a world of good for me as well. What do we use when our skin is less than perfect? Concealer. Everyone has bumps, discolorations, scars and the like to conceal. Cover Fx and Kevyn Aucoin’s Sensual Skin Enhancer seem to rock the vote rather high in the concealing domain. ” I guess it is hereditary.” says Joanna, in San Francisco “But i am Greek and just have had dark circles under my eyes since i was a little girl. I find the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer to cover and last all day long. It truly is one of my miracle products.” All in all, good skin requires attention and dedication. Monthly facials, avid use of sunscreen, and daily cleaning keep the dermis firm and supple. The correct color products aid in hiding the flaws, and using these products as directed are key. Some of our Favorite Products are: Rodial Glamotox, Trology Vital Moisturizing facial cream, and Zelen’s Cellular DNA Protection Day Cream.

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