Having turned 45 in July, I, like most women my age, began to espy little lines and lackluster skin on areas ofmy face. I soon kept alert for any and all beauty products deemed anti aging, age defying, lifting, radiating, andyouth recovering. Most of these products offered “glow,” “iridescence,” and line filler. Most, in all honesty, offering a look akin to being viewed through Vaseline covered lenses. While in the Neiman Marcus in Scottsdale, AZ, Imet Sylvana Gelinas, the SISLEY product specialist. Sylvana introduced me to a treatment product by SISLEY called RADIANT IMMEDIATE LIFT. Filled with hope of finding the fountain of youth, I tried it. This Product, made with botanicalextracts, did indeed do as it promised. I am thrilled when Ifind a product that does what itclaims to do, and this delivers. Iabsolutely instantly noticed aslightly pearled, iridescent,radiance and a definite lift to myface. I just loved it. Feeling ast hough I was awash in abeautiful sea of moonbeams,tupelo honey, and smoothing lotion, I looked to see what theactual ingredients were. This comforting product, made inFrance, is composed of: cactusfig flower, lemon, watercress, and red vine leaf extracts. Its calming properties are fromgeranium and lavender oils. It isall botanical and natural. Plantsand varied botanicals are theunderpinning base of all SISLEY products. This practiceof cosmetic development is called phytocosmetology. Phytocosmetology requiresextreme precision, thoroughknowledge of plant extracts,time and patience in its craftingand formulation, the result ofwhich is a superior and valuable treatment product. Phytocosmetology is also thecore of SISLEY color products, including eye shadow, lipstick, blush, and foundation. Theperforming qualities, aside fromadding color, are appearance of the smoothing and diminishing of obvious lines on the face. The products glide on beautifully and stay put all day, without color dissemination or gradation in tone. SISLEY products feel good, make one look good, and give a youthful and elegant appearance.